Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hello everyone. it sounds like you had a great week. i sure did. we were able to witness a ton of miracles and i am super excited to keep working hard and see what else is in store here in minatitlan. 

all the kids that you see were in our zone. i taught them a week or so ago on exchanges and did the interveiws for them all. some of which were actually kinda hard. they have lots of hardships but it is amazing to see their energy and their spirit. we went all together to the baptism after the interview in the back of a semi truck. there were like 24 ppl in it haha. it was fun though. 

also there are some funny stuff kids have said this week. the bishops daughter who is like 8 said while we were eating to the boy we dont know. "this is elder smith and elder medina." the boy responded "ew! i tried that once but didnt like it." he thought she was saying what the food was. apparently elder smith and elder medina doesnt taste very good haha. also the bishops daughters are in the other ward that shares our building and are lots of fun. they are like 4 and 6 or something. inbetween classes i go and dance with them, which consists of spinning them around and around and around in circles haha. they are a lot of fun and always run up to me and say hi. there are lots of little kids like that, so its lots of fun.

this week was super great in the zone. we finished with 19 baptisms in the zone. that is the best the zone has done in a long time so we´re really excited. we are going to try and keep it up so that the mission can raise the bar and be better. 

josue es amazing really. he tells me everyday that we go over, how excited he is to go on the mission. he says stuff like. "oh i wish i was 15, becasue if i was 15 id only have to wait 3 more years to be a missionary, but thats good i have 5 years so that i can be an even more powerful missionary." also "elder valedo, sounds good huh?". he is super amazing. he said a prayer at the end of the baptism and everyone was super amazed at how much he knew and how spiritual it was. i told them that. he is really cool and super excited to keep learning and progressing. 

the day before the baptism we were on exchanges. i went and had the interviews with them and they all passed. at about 8 at night we got a call that said the pump wasnt working to drain the water in the font. so we went to try and fix that. when we got there it was already working, but we took the opportunity to trade back companions and went and visited the bishop to make sure everything was great for the baptism the next day. the bishop changed the time on us. so we ran around telling everyone a different time and stopped by with lorena josue and erick. arriving there lorena asked us to come in. we didnt have much time but we went in. she told us that her husband called her. he works far away for 2 months and comes back for just like 3 days and is gone again. lorena had told us that before he had told her that if she changed religions he would divorce her. he knew we were teaching her and hopefully everything would work out well. he called which she said he never does, just sends messages normally. he said " what did you all do?!". she said nothing but that the next day they would be baptized. he then went on to relate that he had had dreams all that week where he saw his familiy being baptized by "gringos" haha. he then expressed how he felt and that he felt happy different than before, and that he started to cry on the phone. she told us that that has never happened before. he told her to wait that that if she wanted to be baptized, that they would do it together. I was amazed and felt the spirit very powerfully as she related this experience. here is a man who before wanted a divorce if his wife changed. he felt the spirit, and god showed his path. i had been praying the last two weeks and fasted specifically that the lord would touch his heart and that he would feel the spirit. god answered our prayers.  the spirit has power to soften even the hardest of hearts. 

i love you all and miss you very much. hope all is well and that the picture come through. i go to villahermosa tomorrow for the zone leader conference so that shoud be fun. 

elder smith

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