Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hola familia, 

it was another great week here in minatitlan veracruz. i am learning a lot and seeing the lords hand in everything, both good and bad. it was a week that i was able to really focus on seeing things in another light and staying positive even in dificulties. it was easy to be positive when everything was going great but it was a good experience to feel the lord help me to be motivated and happy even when there were some trials and then see how he blessed us as we obeyed. 

this week we didnt have our baptism of the hna lorena, the mom of josue and erick who were baptized a week ago. it was sad. her husband who had said before how he was going to be baptized with her came back and said he didnt want her to either. we decided we were going to go and visit and see if he would talk to us. we fasted and prayed and that day went and walked to the house. when we got there we talked to josue a little and the dad walked out and i stuck out my hand to say hi and he didnt take it ha. he asked us to leave but wasnt super angry. he is a good guy and i could tell he wasnt accustomed to being mean ha, but he wouldnt listen when we tried to talk. we complimented him on his amazing family and then left. it wasnt the outcome we had fasted and prayed for, but i felt peaceful about it. as i prayed that night i could feel more what the plan is for this family. they will still make it, but they need a few more experiences before they can all be together in the gospel. everything happens in the lords time if we have faith. and lorena, josue and erick have plenty of faith and are progressing really well. 

we found a great family. a week ago we were walking and a car pulled out of the drive way. when they were all the way out about to close the door and drive away, a ball came rolling out of the house and at my feet. i picked up the ball, the lady got out of the car with her two kids inside and then i talked to her a little and she invited us to come back. she said that she and her husband needed help with their kids and their family. they have traveled around the world literally. inside the house they have pictures of france, africa, egypt, and lots of other places. we shared the family a proclamation to the world with them and they loved it. there was a strong spirit there. i know that the gospel unites the family and makes a family eternal, together even after death. that really is the whole purpose of the gospel.

there were transfers tuesday and half the zone left and we have new elders now. the transfers are always good and the missionaries are excited and working hard. hopefully we will have 11 baptisms this next week in the zone so that we are on track for the goal for the month. 

so there were some hard things this week but there were also miracles. one day on the street a lady said hi to us and asked us to come see her husband. turns out her husband has gone to church before and has been reading the book of mormon the last 4 years since the missionaries left. he has a date to be baptized this saturday and came to church yesterday. he is 71 and pretty old and thought the book of mormon was just another version of the bible, but we have been helping him to understand and he is excited for his baptism and is going to be a great new member of the church of jesus christ. 

while we were teaching a lesson outside a house this week an old man rode by on his bike and yelled, "dont let them fool you! dont listen!". it was sad, because he doenst even know what we teach. later on in the lesson i referenced to that man. the family we are teaching is a daughter and her three kids, the dad hasnt wanted to yet. the mom is named rosio and has tons of questions. i bore my testimony of how i know that this is the true church of jesus christ and how everything we teach is true. i know it through prayer. i asked god and he answered me through the holy ghost. i felt something in my heart and in every part of my body that is a joy and peace unlike any other that there is. i have asked more than a few times and everytime i ask, with faith and diligently seeking the answer i have received one. i told her that it doesnt matter what anyother person says, god answered me and i know its true. she is progressing really well, despite some questions and was affected by that testimony. hopefully in a few weeks her family will be able to be baptized. 

i love you all and miss you a ton. time here is flying by and its hard to think too much about what day or month it is, but im trying to enjoy every moment. have a great next week. 


elder smith

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