Monday, January 23, 2012


pictures: group of niños that we taught when i went on divisions. it was the first lesson we had wih them all and this week 6 of them will get baptized there! the girls wanted one with me too, my little novias haha. we had a ward family night and the game was eat the donut from the string without hands. on the left is josue our investigator that will be baptized this week, hopefully with his family. after i went and my statagy worked but had consequences haha.

Hello everyone. hope you all had an excellent week and are doing well. 

this was a great week here in mexico. it has started to get hot again. i had forgotten what it felt like to be really hot while walking around all day, but today has been the hottest in a while and it'll probably stay around for a while, like until i leave haha. it is pretty crazy that this week i completed 18 months in the mission. it feels really weird to have been out so long and at the same time to only have a little left. hopefully ill be able to get a lot done in the last time i have left. 

from the pictures you can see that i taught some more kids this week. we did divisions a lot this week and i went to an area called paquital with one of our district leaders named elder warren. they had a family come up and say they had some kids that hadnt been baptized. we went by to teach them and there were a ton of little kids with lots of energy and we are best friends haha. it was a lot of fun to teach them and they all now have a date to be baptized this week. it is truly a miracle. the zone had been baptizing only like 6 or 7 people the last few months and was the worst in the mission basically. from what we have lined up for this week we should finish the month with about 22 baptisms which would really be a miracle. the missionaries are excited and it should be really great. though this is a month with 5 weeks but hopefully we'll keep up the hard work. 

the family we've been teaching are named lorena, josue, and erick. they are really great and we have seen a lot of progress in them. we hope that all three will be able to get baptized this week. they have a store next door to some members and we teach them either outside the store or sometimes we go in. we have taught mostly josue, but the mom has also been reading a lot and praying and has an answer but will need help to have the faith to be baptized. that is our goal for this week to help her. pray for her. 

we have been giving "how to get your girlfriend to marry you" tips to one of our investigators who is trying to keep the law of chastity with his girlfriend. they have lived together 6 years and have a kid together but the girlfriend says that she doesnt want to. its a crazy story. he was on his own at 12 years old and then was living with this girl at 13 years old. they now are 19. he is humble and warming up to us, but we´ve been helping him to be better to his wife and coaching him on how to talk to her and take her out on dates and stuff so she´ll see that he does really want to marry her. its pretty funny but good to see that he has the intention to keep the commandments. 

the biggest miracle in the zone this week is that there was an investigator that we had thought had killed someone in his past when he was like 15 he is now like 70 something. he has changed and grown a lot spiritually and got divorced and married this last week which is a miracle in itself. to get baptized with a sin like that you need to write a letter to the prophet. in the interview it came out that he really didnt kill anyone but just pushed a guy and he got hurt. in his prayer at the end of the interview he said to god "help me to follow this path i know that i didnt kill anyone and that this baptism is valid in thy eyes". it was a huge miracle and him and his wife were both baptized. 

the donut pictures were from a ward activity. josue won his turn. i tried to do it fast by putting the whole donut in my mouth. i did that, but i couldnt pull it all off the rope. i ended up slingshotting a piece of donut at the girl who was taking the photos and it hit her in the forehead. it was really funny haha. and we all had a good laugh. 

other events. i ate cow eye, tongue, head, and cheek tacos this week. i didnt know what they were at the time, but it tasted normal. a little soft. 

also we are practicing a choir for the stake conference in two weeks. a 70 is going to come and the temple presidency and mission president. i am in charge of the choir. we are doing be still my soul, but in spanish. it sounds pretty good and im excited for that. i will play piano for it.

i love you all and miss you very much and hope that all is well. have a great next week. 


elder smith. 

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