Monday, January 2, 2012


okay well i dont have anytime today so i will just give some short points of what happened. 

i got a new comp. he is named elder medina and is from morelos mexico. he is pretty cool and i like him a lot. i am also the senior zone leader now so i dont feel as much like im being trained all over again. he served in an area in the zone at the start of his mission and he lived in the same house we live in now so he knows the area pretty well already so its gone smoothly. 

this week was pretty full and difficult. we had a baptism set for this saturday and president castañeda came and did the inverview for us, but our investigator didnt pass. he still has a few things he needs to sort out in his life. it was kinda sad, but we'll keep working with him and hoping for the best. 

ive had a lot more contact with pres castañeda this week and he has given us some more advise and is helping us, so that is good. 

the mission was putting on a movie in the two stakes in minatitlan and i had to set most of it up with the stake pres. it went really well. it was called 17 miracles about the pioneers. it was really great. we filled the stake center and almost everyone was in tears. 

i had a really cool experience. i got a call from the zone leaders in coatzacoalcos saying that a family in la venta was coming to my ward this week. that it was someone id taught and that they were going to move to my ward to get baptized. they didnt know everything but gave me a number to call. it turned out it was just one sister i had taught in la venta. she was really close to baptism but didnt make it. in the last 4 weeks she had a series of dreams that i was in. they were really cool dreams. but anyway. she was here in mina to see here family for the new year and was going to come to my ward but went to the wrong building but came after and we talked to her and she is hopefully going to get baptized the 14th of january. hopefully ill get to go to la venta and see it. i would be super super happy to be able to do that. but it was a true miracle. 

also a family here got me a cake that we ate sunday night. it was really good. there was the family, the bishop and his family and some of the other ppl from the ward that im close to and they sang happy birthday (in english) haha. and then here you have to do something called the mordida (the bite) and they always shove your face in the cake. so i did it and got my face shoved in the cake, so i got pictures but for some reason they wont load so youll have to wait til next week. the ppl here are very nice and i love them all and am excited to keep being here with them. 

there are some other things but no time. i love you all and miss you very much. hope you had a great new year. 


elder smith

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