Saturday, April 7, 2012


well not hardly any time today sorry. i love you all and miss you a ton. this week was full of miracles and i learned a ton in conference. 

coolest things that happened is that our investigator vicente came to conference with his niece and they liked it a lot. vicente will get baptized the 14th and hopefully we can start to talk to the niece. the members helped them a lot to feel comfortable and talk to them and everything. 

we did service for a convert of mine that is really poor. it is really dirty. he is old and cant work and his fam doesnt help him at all. it was fun and we helped him a lot. 

conference was awesome. i loved it and watched it in english for the first time in 2 years haha. much more powerful in english. 

had some hard times with an investigator who has a controling husband. they arent married and he wont leave or let her do anything. it is hard. she has a growing testimony and has received answers to prayers but needs the gospel but he wont let her. we´ll see what happens.

we found and met a ton of really great new investigators this week and are teaching a ton. hopefully we can help a few families to be baptized in the coming weeks. 

we ate mundungo. which is cow stomach. i hate it. i had it once in the mission before but ate it all. this time i ate like half then had to stop or i woulda thrown up. my comp took like all of his and wrapped it up in a paper and put it in his backpack. i wasnt so fortunate to have the opportunity ha. its super chewy and smells like garbage haha. it was an experience though. 

i love you and miss you and hope you have a great week. 


elder smith

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