Tuesday, April 17, 2012


pictures. pizza, elder johnston went to the dentist, baptism of hno vicente

hello everybody. it was another great week here and i learned a lot and had some amazing experiences. 

we have been struggling a little to find good investigatores. it seems we find them and they seem to be really great and then they dont turn out to want to talk anymore or they just want to talk but they dont want to do anything else. it has been a good experience and we have been focusing a lot on trying to help the zone to improve. there were a few problems in the zone this week that we had to try and resolve. we had to go to a companionship and have a talk with them because they werent getting along very well. hopefully it helped, we´ll have to see the affects in the long run. you learn a lot of things in the mission, like problem solving, having good relationships with ppl, patience, diligence, love. and lots more. all of which you have to apply everyday. i am grateful for the things i am able to learn from other ppl and the experiences i am able to have. 

we took elder johnston to the dentist one day because his bridge fell out. that was an interesting experience. i call the doctors and dentists here doctors in a box. because they just have a tiny little room where they work. this dentist just had to glue the bridge back in but he said he was a sergical dentist. i think he has the same time as dad does in dentistry. i dont think id trust him to do surgery though. he was nice though and we invited him to come to church. 

tania and carlos are progressing well. tania came to church this week and really liked it. we had a great lesson with her where we taught her the restoration. she is only 19 but she understood the principles of the priesthood and apostasy better than like 90% of the ppl i teach here. she wants it all to be true and is preparing to be baptized the 29th. tomorrow we are going to go to set the date for their wedding. hopefully it will be this friday. 

we had a zone conference this week. presidente castaƱeda came and talked a lot about how we can improve. he talked a lot about the things we talked about in the zone leader council. he talked about having an eternal perspective. of thinking about why we do the things we do. we baptize so that they can be converted so they can have eternal life. we are preparing these ppl for eternal life. sometimes we get caught up in the stress or technicality of things and forget the divinity of our life and existence. when we focus on the big picture and work to please god in all we do, we will be happier and accomplish much more in this life. he also talked a lot about the atonement and brought a very powerful spirit. i didnt even want to leave the room after he talked when there was the break. we talked about a scripture in mosiah 27:28 that says we have to repent almost unto death. we talked about what that means. we came to the conclusion that we have to go to our own Gethsemane. we have to understand really what christ did for us, and feel some of his pain. he talked about how many of the apostles and profetas are known for crying in every sacrament meeting. it is the most important meeting in all of the church. 

saturday we had the baptism for hno vicente. it went really well and there was a powerful spirit there. I got to play a song and sing. i chose "love at home", though in spanish its called "cuando hay amor or When there is love" and the words are a little more general not just about love at home. it went really well and i felt the spirit as i sang, and many ppl told me that it brought a great spirit to the service. elder johnston baptized vicente and at church the next day i got to confirm him. it was a great experience. he is an amazing guy and has a strong testimony. he has read and prayed everyday and understands everything. he is part of the ward already and is going to be a future leader for sure. next week he should receive the priesthood. he is 27. it will be amazing to be able to see his progress. 

well thats just about everything. it was a great week and i learned a lot. i love the mission and am so greatful to be here. it is super super hot now. i told mom that i went to sleep last night and at 10:30 it was 92 degrees in our room and we just have one fan to share ha. all part of the experience though. the ppl are amazing and we´re working hard to build zion here in minatitlan. i love you all and miss you a ton.


elder smith

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