Saturday, March 31, 2012

3-26-12: 4 months to go!

pictures. helped ppl chip paint and paint, road a tricycle to help someone move, eating corn with elder poulson, monkey, monkey reading little book or mormon, monkey climbing tie, kissing a chicken, baseball field in minatitlan. 

well it was an eventful week with a lot of cool experiences and some difficult ones. 

tuesday i waited in the bus station all day from 630 to 330 for all the misionaries coming and going and while waiting felt the earthquake. it was pretty cool. i thought i was just dizzy but then saw everyone else was also feeling it and realized it was an earthquake. sadly my first reaction was to take out my camera and take a video instead of run for cover. it wasnt too strong though, but just a cool feeling. it lasted like 2 minutes but was weird to feel the earth moving. i got a funny video too.. 

my new companion is named elder johnston from nevada. he is cool and really similar to me and is a great missionary so im excited to work with him.. i think we´ll have a lot of success together and have a lot of fun too. 

we found some great investigators this week that im excited about. from the family they are still suffering and we dont know why they arent coming to church. they were gone all week and got back. the little girl didnt get confirmed still and it is sad. she said she was going to church in the morning and then didnt show up. its rough. we need to work a lot with them this week. 

we got a reference from the bishop that he met in his taxi and she is named lorena. we went and met her and the first thing she said was. "i want to go to your church". i was shocked and we taught her and she is preparing to be baptized on the first of april inbetween the two sesions of conference. it is def a miracle. 

we had some great lessons with vicente also and he has been a miracle but was out of town i think this weekend and couldnt come to church so he fell off date for baptism. he is learning a lot though and reading a lot in the book of mormon. the book of mormon is the greatest tool for conversion. 

we went on divisions on friday and i went with elder poulson, who im living with next year. he is a lot of fun. the next day we got back they took us to this lady that is selling a monkey. my comp had to beg for like 15 minutes for her to let us in, but it was a ton of fun. if we could i would totally buy a monkey. it climbed all over us and was like wanting to cuddle up to you and stuff. it was way fun ha. we also taught it about the book of mormon ha. 

i completed officially 20 months this week in the mission and it is way crazy. i see all the people i know going home and find myself as the oldest missionary in the zone with two others from my generation. 

we went to a baseball stadium today for like the mexican major league team and the gate was open so we walked in and asked to see the boss to ask him if we could use the field for an activity. by the end we got intived by them to come teach the team the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. there are 28 profecional baseball players they want us to teach. we will have to figure out some sorta plan for that but should be really cool. and they said they´d lend us the field a monday we want too. 

im happy and working hard and learning a lot. i am excited for conference this week and for the zone. we are having a lot of success right now and hopefully april will be the best month in the history of the mission. 

i love you and miss you. 


elder smith

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