Wednesday, March 14, 2012


this week went really well. we had a lot of success but also some disappointments. 

we were able to baptize the martinez lopez family which was amazing. only that we found out the day of the interviews that cristal doestnt turn 8 until the 15th. so her baptism is this week, the 15th, on her birthday.

the baptismal service was really special. we decorated the room and also played a song. we prepared like 30 min before because the other ppl that were going to do it couldnt. we did the "when i am baptized" song. i think its called that. the one that goes. "i love the see the rainbow whenever there is rain. i played the guitar to it. and figured out the chords to it pretty quick. there was a stong spirit when we sang and hno jose (the dad) started to cry. i got to baptize jose as well and when he came out of the water he started to cry again. it was amazing to see the change that god can make in the lives of these people. this family needed help or they would have shortly fallen apart. they told us they were considering divorce and everything. it is amazing to see how god calls us when they are ready. it was a miracle that we contacted them on the street, entered the house, that they accepted us so amazingly. i know that god leads and guides us when we are worthy and faithful and listening. no matter what the problem or the question, he answers and he leads us because we are his children. it is amaizng to see the humility in a grown man crying because he feels the spirit. at the end of the baptism we sang families can be together forever. i sat behind the family and felt so much love for them and for god. luckily there was a little kid sitting next to me playing or i probably would've cried also haha. 

we got to go to these waterfalls today as the zone activity. it was way fun. i really wanted to go in though. elder medina and i climbed some rocks to get around to almost behind the waterfall. it was kinda slippery though so luckily none of the other missionaries followed the bad example of the zone leaders. i took about a million pictures but the computer isnt letting me send any more for some reason so ill send more next week. 

also this week i went to villa and signed my last visa. i got there late because there werent any taxis willing to take us early in the morning so i missed my bus but i got on another one shortly after and got there. i saw a lot of my mtc friends which was great. on the bus there i saw a little blonde haired, blue eyed boy and shortly after heard a lot of english then saw two more little kids. it was weird. i asked them who they were and turns out they were some fundamentalist group that branched off from the reorganized church of jesus christ of latterday saints and that is from chihuahua, mexico in some super small colony that they just live in. the lady was really nice and tried to explain some stuff. it was interesting though haha. what are the odds. 

i love you all and miss you a ton and hope that all is well. it is weird to be planning housing and classes and stuff for byu and to think that ill be back. its excitng and very sad all at the same time. the mission is amazing and i am so grateful for all of the experiences that god has granted me and for all of the things that i have learned. I hope you have a great next week. 


elder Smith

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