Monday, November 7, 2011


hello everyone. this was another great week here in villahermosa.

i forgot to say this last week, but there were emergency transfers again and now there are two sister missionaries in my district. it is a lot different to have sisters in my district. there have been a few problems. they are both really new in the mission and one is from ecuador and the other from peru. the sister from peru is really homesick. she had to wait three months like me before getting here but in the mission in peru where they have their mamasitas who cook for them three tiems a day and do their laundry and cleaning. its a lot harder for her here. she wanted to go home and she stayed but they hardly did anything this last week. so im trying to help them with that.

there was a few weird things that happened this week. one of which comes in my subject. we were walking and a drunk guy that speaks english started talking to us. and it was interesting, but we wrote down his addresss to visit another time and as we walked away he said "see you this weekend homie", probably one of the last things i expected to hear in mexico. also one day after finishing a lesson that was pretty good we asked them if they had any questions. the lady then turned to us and said "have you ever prayed to know what color god´s blood is?" i somewhat confused said no. and asked her why i would want/need to know what color gods blood was. she didnt answer that but said that she thought it was red, but prayed and found out it wasnt. i explained what we thought about the matter, that blood represents mortality, therefor we dont have blood when we are resurrected, but we just have glorified bodies of flesh and bone, and that god has a perfect body, and doesnt have blood. she didnt answer that but just told us to pray. it was and interesting conversation.

we had a ton of really cool lessons this week. we were able to really be guided by the spirit in finding people to teach. i heard many times this week. "its really weird that you guys showed up right now cause i was just...(whatever the thing was)" we visited many people by the direction of god this week, and it is always a mazing to see his hand in this work. i dont have much time but i just want to share a quick experience from yesterday. we went to eat after church and we wre at a house of an hermana who is active but her husband isnt. they are both endowed and sealed in the temple but he hasnt gone in years. we ate with them and then shared a message before we left. i shared the scripture in efesios that talks about how we need to always look forward and not back and that we need to look forward to the great prize that we can receive through christ. i shared a message about that and then talked pretty straight to the guy. i then used an example that i had heard. that a dad took his family to disneyland. they lived far away but they drove and it took a day or two to get there. when they got to the gate where you enter in and it has the big sign that says "disneyland" and the giant parking lot. he drove like he was going to enter but instead did a u turn. the whole family, especially the kids started screaming that he´d missed the turn, that it was the other way to disneyland, after driving a ways im sure some were in tears. after he´d gone a ways he pulled over, turned around and said, "thats what it will be like if we dont all make it to the celestial kingdom (heaven) together."

im not sure if he took his family back home or if they wnet back to disneyland, but i think ill probably do that someday. anyways they were all laughing a little and liked it a lot, but then i talked very seriously to them about why we are here in life. we live, breath, walk, eat, sleep, and do everything we do, for the sole purpose of gaining experience so that we can Return to live with our father in heaven again. as i spoke i felt the spirit powerfully and the hermana there was crying. by the end of the lesson the hermano who hadnt gone promised that he would go back to church. then invited us to come back next week for a fish dinner haha. It was a really powerful experince. and i know that it was guided by god. they have everything, but sometimes the ppl that dont go just needa little push, or sometimes a harder shove, to get back where they need to be. thats why home and visiting teaching is so importatn. its one of the most important callings in the church, and more important than any to magnify.


elder smith

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