Saturday, November 19, 2011


1. zone activity
2. familia mejia and millan saying goodbye to a member who went on the mission
3. house fail : forgot the stairs and or balcony
4. little girl of a investigator we teach
5. lots of dogs sleeping in the street. cant see but there are like 10
6. at temple
7. temple
8. temple with elder peine
9. yuridias birthday. 23
(not in right order with pictures now)

Hello everyone.
well another week has come and gone and it went pretty well, but some tough stuff. some issues with a recent convert and the two girls taht were going to be baptized cant for permission issues and also dont really want to. there are some tough things that happen, but there are also some really good things. i am trying to work hard and to get everything done that we can.
well i didnt get transfered. i wasnt sure what was going to happen, but im staying here one more transfer. I told a lot of ppl i was probably going to go. since i thought it was possible, i played a song on piano in church. i made an arrangment of "come thou fount of every blessing", it turned out really good and lots of ppl complimented me and said that it brought a powerful spirit to the meeting.
we had another very successful week bringing less actives. ive decided thats definitely the mission ill do when im old. i think its a lot of fun to see ppl come back. the guy i talked about last week came and you should have seen his wife. they walked in and he came in his white shirt and everything and we went over and hugged him and shook his wifes hand and she just had a huge smile on her face. she'd gone alone to church for years and years, and now he says he's back to stay! also we brought a family of 4 that has been inactive a few years. and have activated a lot more. Its been way amazing to see how the lord guides us to find them and helps us to know what we need to do to help them. we contacted a man on the street last week and went over sunday and found out that they are members. they have 10 year old twins that aren't baptized. we had a good lesson with the parents and the mom cried. I am super excited for them.
also i had a cool experience with yuridia and norma. it was yuridias birthday so we went and ate with her and bought her a picture frame and gave here that with a picture of her baptism and also i gave her some of my american candy. the next day we were talking and she mentioned how a member came and visited her (something i am very very very grateful for) and they talked a lot about temples and sealing families, and it really impacted yuridia in the faith she has. i then told her about how when she said that she'd broken up with her boyfriend a week or so ago, i was happy because i knew god is preparing something way better and that she will be able to go to the temple. she said a few days before she broke up with him she prayed to god to know if he was who she should be with and got that answer and said she felt the same way that god answered her and that he is preparing someone for her. They are amazing investigators and are going to be strong members forever.
i love you and miss you all
elder smith

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