Sunday, August 7, 2011


hello everyone. i dont have a ton of time again but ill try and get in a few things.

my area is pretty cool. we mostly work in a huge area called valle real that has like 2000 appartments. we walk a lot, but i think less than la venta. The biggest news that i have though is that i am getting a new assignment. sorta. There is a town called nacajuca that is in our area, but that missionaries have never been to before. the bishop in our ward talked to president casteƱeda. and we are now going to share our area with the other two elders in our district and my
companion and i are going to start to work full time in this town of nacajuca. it is about minutes away from our house in a taxi and there are only active members there and like 5 inactive members. Basically it is completely untouched and White already to harvest. Im pretty excited to go there but it is going to be a lot of work. this week went well. and i had some cool experiences. we had a really powerful lesson with the robles family where we had to explain some things and make them very clear. our message is that the true church of jesus christ was restored and is here on earth. we made that very clear, and it was strong, but i think that they, mostly the dad, got it. they came to chruch and after church the dad said. well im just about convinced. im super exited for them, but they are really poor and we still need to teach tithing.

also this week i met a man named priciliano. we were looking for a contact and nobody was home. i heard ppl in the apartment next door so i went over and knocked. out walked a huge guy without his shirt and tatoos. he probably weighed 300 lbs, and wasnt super fat. it was funny cause i just started to share the message with him. we didnt expect it but he invited us in. at the end of the lesson i asked if he had any comments and he said that he felt really good. really peaceful. he thanked us for coming by and said that our message was from god and that he needed that feeling. this huge guy was on the verge of tears. it was super powerful and a cool experience.

last night we had a good lesson with a less active lady. we ate with her and then i wanted to share a scripture. she is less active for a comment the bishop made, but is a older lady, not married but has two daughters and the type that took offense and now doesnt go to church but in every way of her life, she is active. i shared helamen 3:35. last week i saw this scripture like 4 times in one day but never used it. it was the perfect scritpture in this moment for her. she was taught by the spirit. i explained the scripture very well nad then she talked for a long long time. but the goal was accomplished. her and her daughters are going to come back and they know why.

the mission is amazing and i had a lot of other great experiences. i got to give a talk this sunday in church with a few minutes notice that went pretty well, then with no notice had to teach the next class but it all went really good and im pretty accustomed to that now. i love the mission and these ppl and am excited to keep progressing and growning. thank you for all you do for me and for your letters and emails. have a great next week.


elder smith

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