Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hola, well another week has gone by here in villahermosa, and everything is going by really fast. this transfer is almost over, and today i found out that my companion is going to be transfered in two weeks and i have a lot of names and addresses to learn before then. this week the temperatures have gone back up, and its pretty hot during the day and the night. also last night we got rained on, so it's not the greatest weather right now for missionary work in mexico ha, but its still good. the robles family has been good. they are the family with 5. the parents are catholic but not really. we have been working with them since we got here but it is hard for them because the dad sells vegetables on the streets all day everyday just about and if they dont sell they dont have enough to buy everything they need. it is hard because we've tried finding a new job but he hasnt done much with the options the stake has given him. yesterday we reveiwed the 10 commandments and they said the 2nd commandment of the images isnt in the catholic bible so i borrowed theirs and they were very surprised when it was indeed there. hopefully that will help a little that they can make it over the hump and get baptized. we were able to find a good family this week as well that has a date to be baptized the 27. the hna. juana is another great investigator. we teach her whole family but she is the only one who is really progressing. we always sing hymns with their family and they like us a lot. she has a date for this next week, the 20th, so hopefully it will be able to happen and she will get her answer. we worked a few days this week in nacajuca and it went well. it is weird not having anything there and we walk around talking to ppl and trying to teach. This last week we were contacting and we passed a house and there was a guy in his hamock and i said hi and was going to talk to him, but we kept walking. on the way back it was the same, and we passed by but he yelled at us and we went over and taught him and he was really great. i need to be a little more confident in following the spirit, but it is good that god cuts me a break once in a while too. i did my first baptismal interview this week and it went really well. there was a baptism for a 10 year old girl named enya. she was really great. her baptism went well also but i was super stressed out. it was supposed to start at 6. at 6 nobody was there. enya and her family got there at 610. and the members that were the talks and the 1st councelor who was going to preside got there at 635 and walked in super casually. there were only like 4 or 5 members there. elder hernandez and i brought 6 investigators but im not sure it was the greatest experience for lack of ppl- the talks were about 30 seconds long and also very casual. After the talks i played the guitar and sang a hymn. I talked a little before and tried to bring the spirit. i sang "más cerca dios de ti" or nearer my god to thee. my companion said it saved the baptism a little and brought the spirit. i felt good when i sang and also when enya got baptized. After she was baptized she started crying and she shared her testimony later and said how good she felt. that she felt something she never had before. i think for the stress of the baptism and everything i couldnt sleep that night and i felt pretty sick all day sunday especially because we were fasting and i couldn't drink water. i went to bed early and drank a lot though and now i feel fine. everything here is going really well. i am learning a lot and having a lot of great experiences. Today for our zone activity we watched lion king and hercules and that was fun and brought back some memories ha. I have a meeting tonight with the zone leaders and other district leaders. We have some good goals set for this month and we have been working hard to be able to complete them and i am excited to keep working here. I love you all and miss you and hope that everything is going great at home. love elder smith

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