Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7-4-11 Happy Birthday America

Hello everyone. Things here in La venta are going really well. ill try to remember everything that happened in these days, the good and also some bad ha. this week went reallly well. at the zone activity we had today (have them once a transfer usually) while waiting in line for food all the "gringos" broke out in singing the star spangled banner and some of the mexican elders joked that they were going to call the migra (migrations) to come get us haha. its was funny though.

the zone activity today was fun. we got to play basketball and soccer and talk and see some friends in other areas. it'll be my last in this zone and i might go pretty far away next week so it was fun to see everyone.

i have like one minute to write cause i spent a lot of time doing the pictures but this week went really well. we taught a lot and had some really powerful lessons. also we had some cool experiences where we changed plans or did things differently and we ended up finding some really great investigators. the lord works through us when we are willing to follow the spirit.

the only bad thing about this week is that we put 6 ppl on date to be baptized this week or next and they were all good, but then only one of them showed up to church. church ends up being a pretty depressing things most weeks, but we keep working and looking for those that will come and be converted by the holy ghost.

the biggest thing that happened this week was last night. we got home and elder watts and i started talking. Because i'm training him, we get an extra hour to study sundays and other days when you dont usually get to. we started our study time and just started having a conversation trying to find out what we can do better. we talked about what we wanted out of our missionas and how we could be better. we ended up talking for about 2 hours until it was time to go to bed. we came up with a lot of really good things and there was a very powerful spirit and i feel like it was very much directed by god. we came to the conclusion after lots of great things that we need to start making all of the little sacrifices. we arent doing anything bad and we are obedient, but there are just little things that we are going to change to be even better. for example we are going to start personal study 30 min earlier so we can read the chapters that the mission reads everyday from the book of mormon and bible so that we have a full hour to study for investigators. we talked about how we need to have more love for the people, and how we need to always strive to follow the spirit in every situation and meditate more in lessons so that we can recieve that help we need to teach to help these ppl reach their goals. we talked about a lot of things and used a lot of examples, but it is something that will really help us to keep growing and getting better.

I am learning so many things that will help me for the rest of my life. principles and lessons that i know i couldnt learn anywhere else. i love my mission and the experiences that i am able to have here. hope you all have a great next week.


Elder Smith

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