Tuesday, July 19, 2011


hello everyone! i hope that you all had a great last week. I sent a few more pictures from good byes to families in la venta. still havent taken any pictures here in villahermosa but i will soon probably.

this week was great. there were some elders who did some bad stuff here the transfer before so i have two elder in my district that are basicaly in an area with nothing. their area book and ours hardly has anything in it and my area doesnt have too many investigators. i had a lot of stuff in la venta and it will be a change here, but we´ll work hard and it will be going in no time. We have 4 missionaries in our one ward which is the only case in the whole mission i think. we had an asistece of 123 ppl this week but supposedly it was up in the 170´s so we'll try to reach that as well, activating and baptizing.

my old zone leader was in this area 2 transfers back so he told me about my companion and my area and i was kind of worried with what he said. especially with my companion. I havent ever had a problem with any of my companions though before and i seem to get along fine with anyone basically. things so far have been really good. he is named elder hernandez and is a good missionary. he teaches well. the only thing is he likes to spend time with members. we are contacting more ppl now though so we will be able to start going by contacts of investigators now instead of members. we are going to try to work a lot with members though. my house is nice and is an apartment. my whole area is basically apartements. im not in the city like downtown, but its definitely bigger. there is one street wih over 2000 appartments on it. its super long.

stories from this week. i traveled to villahermosa alone because there werent any tickets left on the other one. i got there basically the same time though. it wasnt too weird. i just read my scriptures. there werent too many ppl on the bus and they were all asleep too. i was in a threesome for two days because of the special changes that they took two missionaries out of the other area in my district so we had to wait for another elder to get there. my whole district are mexicans and in my whole zone there is just one other american but i think a new missionary got here a few days ago who is from the usa.

we found a few good families to teach and i am excited because of all of the ppl. there is also a city that is in our area that i think is kind of like la venta but no missionaries have ever gone there. there is one family that are members there but i want to go there really bad and try to open a casa de oracion there (house of prayer) which would be a branch. this week somthing sad happened. we were walking where there were all the apartments and we saw a ton of ppl and police. we got closer and saw a person covered by a tarp who had died when he fell off his motorcycle and hit his head. supposedly his sister was on there too but didnt even have a scratch. we found out that he was 17 but was drunk. the family was there and as we walked by the mom started screaming at someone on the phone. it was pretty sad and i felt bad for the rest of the day, but it was something that we used in a lesson the next day with a really good family we found.

all this week it has rained at night. luckily we have been in lessons at those times, but last night we got pretty soaked and i forgot my raincoat because i was going to go get it after church but we didnt have time. church went well and it was weird to have a lot of ppl there. i will probably try to play piano for it now because nobody there can play. i wish i would have learned all the hymns before ha. ill just practice a little though.

the coolest thing about this area is that when i got here thre was the family robles sanchez. they were basically the only investigators here. theres the mom and dad and then a 16 year old girl a 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl. they are amazing and we made huge progress with them this week! they hadnt come to church yet but we went by a few times and focused on them getting an answer and i felt like i was really able to connect with them. i taught the two littler kids as well and used lots of good examples and jokes to help them learn the principles. it was a great experience for me where i was able to focus on them and have the spirit direct and things went perfectly. they are all reading and praying and the parents said they got an answer that the book of mormon is true! the parents came to church this sunday and really liked it! the only problem is that the dad doesnt have a job and is selling vegetables on the street for a little bit. we are working with the stake to find him a job, and hopefully all will go well. we gave them a date to be baptized the 30th of july and hopefully they will be an eternal family!

the mission is amazing and i will learn a lot more here with this change, even though i miss la venta and the ppl a lot. I am going to work hard and be happy and share with everyone the message of salvation that i know is true. i hope you all have a great next week. i love you and miss you.


elder smith

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