Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Day- May 2

hello everyone. thank you for all of your emails. it is always great to hear how you are all doing. i have had a lot of really great experiences. i am excited to talk to yiou this week and we´ll see how it goes.

everything here is going very well and i have been working really hard. i told this to elder watts the other day that i have never been the senior comp, but my whole time i would follow my comp but sometimes i would think that when im a senior comp ill do it a little different. and now i can do it the way i think it needs to be done. i am trying to be as obedient as possible and trying to wrok as hard as i can and we are going to have lots of success. this week we had a lot of slower days, where we passed by like a million people, but nobody was there. elder watts is doing well and is willing to work and is obedient. i still have to reteach just about everything he does because the people still dont really understand him much, but he'll impove fast. this week we had a zone conference. we watched a talk by elder holland and learned a lot. also we did a lot of practices. at one point president casteƱeda asked me to come contact him using the language of jesus christ. it was pretty nerve racking haha. but i did okay the second time i tried, the first time i rambled a bit haha. i learned a lot and am going to change some things how we teach.

i had a cool experience sunday where the hna catalina told me an experience. she said the day before cruz got baptized she started crying because she was just so happy. also cruz had a cool story about how he paid tithing and now he has more money than he has ever had before. also another one of our investigaotors completely gave up drinking coffee. it had been a problem and she always said that shed give it up little by little. but we went by the other day and i asked her and she said that she gave it up. and her kids as well. she should be getting married this week and we have a time scheduled to go over their papers with someone and hopefully shell get baptized this saturday! her husband is really good too, but has to give up drinking. hes working on it though. the hna maria (gave up coffee) acredited everything and all of her happinenss recently to the church. going to church and learning from us. reading the scriptures and praying. it was way amazing and all of these experiences caused me great joy. i felt just so so happy.

also this week we had one really geat day. saturday we found 12 new investigatos. the most ive gotten in one week before is 13. we had 18 in total this week. I went around and everyone was home. we also found two families that seem really good. We also found a boy named jose antonio. he contactd us on the street by calling us elderes! he then explained how he had a cousin that was a member. he is definitely chosen. he learns and understands super fast. he accepted everything in the first lesson and accepted to be baptized on the 14th. sunday we were excited to take him to church and went by but nobody was home. we were sad that he was gong to fall off his date to be baptized, but had to leave. as we were walking away i heard someone behind me scream "ELDER ESMIIIIT" i turned aroun and saw him sprinting towards us from far away. we went to chruch and he participated and almost bore his testimony. we taught him the book of mormon later that day and when i told him about how there was a lot of writting but that mormon had all of the writings at the end and then he... and before i finished he said " oh and mormon took all the writings and wrote just the most important stuff on the platesof gold right?" and i just said yes... i have been stunned by some other things that he has said also. he is way amazing and im excited for him. also cruz should be receiving the priesthood this next week and coud baptize his mom (catalina) after she gets married, but well see when that is.

all in all i have been very blessed. i am learning a lot, and feel a lot more comfortable with the language. i am working harder than i ever have and we shoud have a lot of success in the coming weeks. i love you all and miss you very much and hope that all is going well.


elder smith

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