Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 16

hello everyone. another week has come and gone and i had a lot of good experiences and some harder ones as well. we were really excited to get a baptism this week and excited about a boy named cristian who had been changing. it turned out though that he didnt really want to change and couldnt give up coffee and didnt want to go to church, so we didnt get a baptism this weeek, but thats alright cause we found some really great people and should have a lot in the coming weeks.

everything is going well with elder watts and he is a lot of fun. his
spanish is getting better and i learn a lot from him. we have some funny jokes with all the members now that when we walk by they all point up at the trees and say monkey, monkey because one of the first days elder watts was here he did that to a little kid to get him to
look away and now they do it everytime we walk by haha.

we are teaching a cool family named the sanchez vasquez family (maria and roberto). they are really amazing and making big changes in their lives. they now read the book of mormon and bible together everyday as a family and are doing family prayers and everything. every lesson they are very attentive and listening, and are still a lot of fun to talk to and stuff, and are a little goofy, but they are really
amazing. we are going to try and get them married this wednesday in the morning. we have had it planned many times before,but i hope this time it will happen. we are going over to pick them up and go wtih them to the place and ive checked all their papers and everything. i think that maria will be baptized this saturday and roberto has to get to chruch two times still before he can be baptized.

we had some good lessons with some references that we got. we almost never get references from members and we went over with the member to this reference that is two twin girls and it was a really great
lesson. they said they felt the spirit in the lesson and when i asked
them to be baptized they accepted! they also told their friend (member) that when they prayed the next day they felt the spirit very
powrefully in the form of being really happy. alegria!

we also had a cool experience with a girl named patty. she is 24 and
just graduated from her school. she is really great but has a lot of
family and friend problems. she had heard a lot of false stuff about the church, but we had a really long lessons with her one morning where we met at the church watched the joseph smith movie and then
talked about her whole life basically and how she got to the point
where she was listening to us. she said the movie and coming to church answered most of her questions and then it was really cool to see how she has been prepared to listen to our message and also cool to see how much people will open up to you about their lives. This is just someone we met on the street, and in a few meetings someone that we really care about and who is willing to tell us some of the deepest things of her life. It is awesome to be a missionary and to feel the spirit work in me to help all of these people with their problems
through helping to teach them about this gospel, that is the answer to
all of lifes struggles.

we are going to get to hear from quintin l cook tomorrow in
villahermosa and im really excited for that. also presidente emailed
me today and said that he is going to come to la venta and interview our district here and then come out and work with us. im WAY excited for that and am going to try and learn as much as i can from him while
hes here. he is really powerful and hopefully ill be able to learn to do things just as powerfully.

everything is going great for me here. I took my first hot shower today in 5 months because the sun has heated up the water. it was like really hot though, it was really weird ha. I am learning so much and having really great experiences. the time is going by way fast right now, and im almost done with my first transfer here with elder watts in 2 more weeks. i have felt the spirit guiding me so much and have been able to really strengthen my testimony, especially in the book of mormon. the book of mormon is so important and plays the biggest role nuestro conversion. i know the book of mormon is true and for that i know that this is the true church of Jesus christ and the way we find all of the happiness in this life and the salvation in the life to come. i love you all and miss you very much and hope you have a great next week.


elder smith

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