Tuesday, July 3, 2012


pictures: baptism of hna guadalupe

pictures: baptism of hna guadalupe, learning to be submisive and meek and full of love like little children (:, drinking coconuts, la venta park in villahermosa (basically the same stuff as in la venta but the real stuff!, olmec head
(We didn't get these other pictures)

well this was a really great week. i basically dont have time to talk about it though. we saw really great miracles this week and were able to have a baptism of hna guadalupe. it went really well and there was a great spirit in the meeting. we had a miracle the day before because the hna needed to be interviewed with president castañeda and it was sorta last minute. i called him, hoping and praying, that he could do it that same day, the day before the baptism, because the next day he would leave to a different part of the mission. i called and he talked to someone to check a time, and said, be at the chapel at 6 and ill do the interview. i couldnt believe that he wasnt busy at 6. it really was a miracle and helped the hna guadalupe a lot. it was amazing to see her after the baptism. she hugged all of the people there, but like really hugged them. she really has a gift of loving people and the ward helped to support her. it is amazing that three weeks ago she had no idea about the church and now in just three weeks she has changed, repented, learned, grown, and developed a testimony, and now baptized and confirmed. all because we decided to stay out a little bit longer talking to ppl on the streets one night when we could have gone home at 850 instead of 9. god blesses us when we work hard! 

we have worked a lot with the family perez that came last week and they are progressing really well. the 10 year old girl, Zulmi, said that she prayed and asked god if she should be baptized. she said first i felt like i shouldnt, then i felt like i should, then as i was pondering about it, and yes she used the word pondering! ha; i fell asleep and had a dream. i saw my life after i got baptized andi was happy and lots of good things happened. then i saw my life when i didnt get baptized and it was sad and had a lot of problems, so i really, really want to get baptized! i felt the spirit as she told me that and know that she really received and answer from god. children are very good examples to us in their faith in god and their trust in him. 

ay,.... pues a lot of things happened this week but i cant say everything for the time. today i went to a place called parque la venta. it is basically the museum in la venta but with more money put into it and with all of the real things. i went with elder medina, his comp, and an elder named elder bowman and his comp, also from my zone in mina tec. it was a lot of fun. i bought some things there too. i really havent bought anything in my mission, so i bought some mayan tabascanian type things. 

anyways, i love you all and miss you a ton. im going to work super hard. and hopefully help a few more families find the gospel before i see you all again. have a great week


elder smith

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