Tuesday, September 27, 2011


from last week.
hello everyone. this was another great week here in villahermosa. im going to have to do everything a little more condensed cause i dont have any time. 

this week here went really well. the pictures i sent are of me in the temple. elder sanchez (old comp) and elder piña (old dl). me with a dog named bruno that is way cool like it dies when you pretend to shoot it and gets the keys and stuff but if someone he doesnt know really well tries to pick him up he growls and bites sort of, just puts his teeth on you. this was the first time ive got to hold him so i had to take a picture. also this is the family of the hna. judith and her little girl. she got out all of her stuffed animals to play with me haha. they are a lot of fun and the hna. is really great. 

this week i had some great experiences. we found a really cool family that im exicted for. we had a lesson with the mom nad kids and she told us of some big problems they were having and i felt really really good with them and was able to promise her and their family some really great blessings. im really excited to see them progress to baptism. 

we have been finding a TON of ppl. an average of 13 ppl a week. and this last week 15. so we have a very very big teaching pool that has added a little bit of stress to trying nad find who is going to progress and hwo no. it is a good problem to have and much better than the flip side ha. 

i had a surprise training this week. all the zone and district leaders and trainers in the two zones in villahermosa had a two day training with presidente castañeda and also we got to go to the temple! i was super excited to go in the temple and we did the session in spanish which was way cool. i felt so much peace in the temple and it was really a grat expereice. i learned a lot in the training as well, but it made our schedule really hard when we had to cancel/not show up to lessons. everything here is really last minute. 

Judith is the hna that is in the picture and is going to be baptized this next week. we wnet over the other day and she really opened up to us about all of her life. her experience with her husband leaving why there are problems between her and her family. she is really alone with her kids and been through some really hard things. we talked to her and she is golden. she has a ton of faith and is coming to church reading the book of mormon and learning and applying everything. It has been a grat blessing to teach her. 

we have a lot of other really great investigators as well and we will see if we can get a lot of them to be converted and baptized in these coming weeks. i lvoe the mission and am learning and growing so much . i am trying to work as hardas posible and love the ppl and be happy. sometimes i get stressed with everything we do, and thats what im working most on not doing. the pppl here are amazing and help us a ton and i am grateful for all the relationships ive made with ppl here. 

i love you amd miss you and hope you have a great next week.


elder smith

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