Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's Email :)

hello all. i had another great week, and not much time. today was pday and we had a zone activity. we have one overy fith pday of the of the transfer. It was a lot of fun. we watched monsters vs aliens that was really good and funny and then played some basketball outside. This week the heat came even more. It is really really hot. and super humid. even when there isnt sun its hot because it is so humid. Hopefully i´ll adjuest more, but its really hot. Normally pday we wake up, study for an hour, wash clothes. lately me and elder sanchez have paid a lady 30 pesos more or less to wash our clothes and it saves us like 3 hours of pday haha. we wash our garments in like 30 min. and then play cards, guitar, eat, sometimes go to coatza or villa benito with other elders and usually is really low key.

this week conference was amazing. i learned a lot, even though it was in spanish. one member has internet in their house and so we watched it on the presidents tv. it was really hot and in spanish so not the easiest to understand. but i focused really hard and learned a lot. a cool experience that i had this week with conference was the this past week president asked us to pray to know if thomas monson was a prophet. this is something that i haven't ever done. ive received answers about the book of mormon and therefore joseph smith, but never about a modern leader. id prayed all week for an answer and then the saturday morning session, as soon as president monson began to speak i felt the spirit very powerfully and let go a few tears. a little kid was looking at me and i dont know if he could tell if they were tears because i was sweating a lot as well and ya. but it was a very powerful experience that i had and i know that president monson is a prophet of god and through him, jesus christ leads and guides his church. this is really the greatest blessing we have with the true church. many churches teach people to be good and be like christ. but this is the only church that is truly led by prophets of god and jesus christ. we recieve what we need now in our day to follow our savior and receive the blessings. in the book our heritage, there were many quotes of people who followed the prophets and how the chruch was saved because the prophet prayed for guidance and received an answer of how he should direct the people. we are led by jesus christ.

this week i have felt an increased love for the people here and for my savior. i have tried very hard to be more humble and have this sprit of love in all of my lessons. I have felt the guidance of the sprit as i have strived to do this, and the lack of the spirit when i forget and focus on how hot i am or some other thing. The gospel is very simple. when we obay the commandments, we are happy and are blessed. when we dont we work with our own power, and are weak. I have learned a lot here in the mission but it is the simple things that i constantly have to work on like this that are the most important.

this week, we put a few more people on date to be baptized. we will baptize the family lopez centeno this saturday (fransica (mom 45), carlos (18) anel (17) and alfredo (9)) and also we will baptize a boy named josue (10) who i told you about before whose mom left him with his baby brother for 4 days when she went to villahermosa. i learned more about the situation of him and his mom and it is not vey pretty and is very sad. despite all of his problems i have never talked to a more cheerful or happy kid. he is always excited to see us and talks to everyone. There was a theme in conference about becoming as a child. i think that he is a good example to me of this. Trust in the lord and be happy no matter what. he has a plan for us that often includes many trials and challenges but as we live worthily we will be guided in this path that will lead to happiness and eventually eternal life.

i have seen a great change in the family lopez centeno. they have come to church and shown interest and studied the book of mormon and have prayed to god for the hlep and support they need. they are not an exception to the scriptue that there is opposition in all things, but they are ready and have trusted in the lord and will be blessed for their sacrifices and faith.

i love my mission and am grateful for this opportunity i have to be busy in the service of god. i am trying my hardest to be a loyal servant of him and hav been very blessed for my labors thus far.

love you and miss you

elder smith

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