Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 17- Transferred Again

Hello everyone. Thank you for your letters and emails. I always appreciate getting things from you all. Things have been pretty well this week. Biggest news is that I got transferred again today. I moved one area over, so i'm basically right next to my area, but cant go see any of the people. Elder Mungia is going home tomorrow, so i was kind of lucky that I got to go with him and say goodbye to everyone sort of, but I didnt think that i'd be leaving so i didnt really get to say good bye to that many people. It's hard to get transferred so soon over and over again. It's hard to feel like this is my mission when they dont let me stay anywhere, I feel like i'm just getting thrown around places a little bit. It also kinda stinks that I dont have my permiso. Hopefully everything will go well here in another new area and I will get to know the people fast, but its hard to change.

Other than that, the week has been good. We taught a lot of people and found a lot of new people that I am really excited about. We have taught one family, the Vasquez's, only two times, and have stopped by and talked to them a few more as well, but they came to church this sunday and stayed for the next class and participated in answering questions and everything. It was really cool to see. they have a 17 year old daughter who had friends in the ward too. They also have an 8 year old daughter who listens in the lessons. We haven't had a lesson with the older daughter yet though because she's still at school usually when we teach them.

Last Wednesday I went to "el salvador del mundo". It is a play put on by the church and is actually in a theater in the same building as the conference center. It was pretty cool and fun to go see. we went with a family we're trying to get more active and who we're teaching their grandpa, and also had a few of our investigators come as well. This week I was getting more excited about the Soltelo's. They are making progress and hopefully will be able to accept a baptismal date soon. They are opening up, and our lessons are going well with them.

This week also we met a guy named adan. we taught him the first lesson, and though he was a little unsure about the book of mormon, he was great and accepted what we said and we had a really good talk with him. We went by the next day though, and he asked us to watch a movie with him. We said we couldnt cause it was against the rules and that we could maybe watch it the next time if we got permission. We asked him what the title was, or if we could see the case, and he was like "oh, idk i'm not sure really. Its just about the stuff we were talking about yesterday, like about jesus christ and stuff." We said that we thought it would be fine but needed the title, we asked him to look at the disk. He went over and got the disk and it was "The Bible, Versus Joseph Smith" He then basically tried to relate the things from that movie into bashing us, but he didnt do a very good job at it because i'm pretty sure he'd just watched it right before we got there. It makes me a little mad when people do things like that. Act like they know what they're talking about and are totally closed when they really have no idea. He was willing to learn from a anti mormon dvd and except it as truth right away, but wasnt willing to pray or read the book of mormon or even consider it possible because there wasnt physical proof. Its like having a prosecuting attorney without a defense. We basically told him we were going to leave, after trying to explain some of the things. I bore a powerful testimony about moroni's promise in the end of the book of mormon in my life and then elder brown did as well, then we left. A testimony is something that no one can argue with. I know what I felt. I know that moroni's promise was fulfilled in my life. that if we read the book of mormon, and ask with a sincere heart and intention to act on the answer and with faith in christ, that we will receive an answer. I know that anyone who tests that with a sincere heart that you will receive an answer. It's hard to deal with people like that though, and I'm still a little frustrated about it and just everything, but i'll be alright.

A good thing that happened last night is that I went over to a members house. The people who took me to El salvador del mundo, to say good bye. We talked for a little bit, and it came up if we played any instruments. I told them I played piano and guitar. They said they had two guitars but didnt know how to play them and asked if I wanted to see them. Of course I said yes, and so I got to tune their guitar and then play for a few minutes. I miss music a lot and its hard to not be able to play very much. Maybe i'll be able to buy one in mexico someday, if I ever get there.

Well thats basically it. Nothing too exciting. I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but Nothing big I dont think. Hope you all have a good week and do well with whatever you have going. I love you and miss you and am grateful for all of you in my life.


Elder Smith

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